How to Make a Activewear Sample

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Update time : 2023-06-06 15:04:40
We all know that clothing customization starts with sample making. This article will share you the detailed process of making a custom activewear sample,  which will help you better understand and start your own activewear brand.  The process for creating custom activewear samples usually include the following steps:

1.  Design (Create the basic style of the workout wear) :  First,  you need to work with a custom workout wear manufacturer to create a sketch or concept of the workout wear.  You can  provide your design drawing to the supplier and ask them to optimize your design drawing to the standard for mass  production.  This will include a discussion of colors, patterns, textures, and details.

Jiejin, as an excellent activewear supplier, has our own designer team,  which can help you solve various selection problems through one-to-one communication and provide one-stop service. If you don't have inspiration for the time being, we have many ready-to-go-designs for differernt season, all we have to do is add your logo, layout & dimensions via a heat press.

2.  Customize (Determine the technical details of the sweatsuit) :  Once the design is settled, you need to choose the fabric and other details, such as zippers, buttons, threads,  etc.  These accessories can help your custom sportswear to be more unique and stand out in detail than other products.

3. Make the first custom sample :  After determining the above design details,  you will need to make one or more prototypes with the fabric to ensure the correct size and design.

4.  Adjust (check whether the prototype needs to be adjusted) :  If the prototype needs to be adjusted, you need to work with the supplier to fix it until it is satisfied.

5.  Production (confirm the details and start mass production) :  Finally, the supplier starts to produce sportswear,  and carries out quality control and inspection upon completion.  After confirmation, it will be packaged and shipped.

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