All the dyes we use are certified for environmental protection

We print two ways, digital print & sublimation.15 years of development experience, import printing, high-end color printing equipment, accurate and unbiased color.

1 - Digital Printing
We provide nylon digital printing services. Digital printing provides deeper, richer colors and softer feel. In addition, the color will not fade or seep when in contact with chlorine, salt water or bright sunlight.
2 - Sublimation Printing
Sublimation is a hot pressing process. Relatively speaking, it is not as bright as digital printing, and occasionally fades with the passage of time. It is often used to make patterns on polyester fabrics.

We can customize the pattern according to your requirements. We also have the printed pattern made by the designer. If you have the pattern, you can also send it directly to us for production, here are some patterns for your reference: animal printing, plant printing, geometry printing and other pattern printing