Ready To Go Designs
Ready to go Designs

Do you want more design inspiration? Just choose us!

We have five fashion designers who graduated from famous schools. If you don't have inspiration for the time being, we have many ready-to-go-designs for differernt season, the latest popular elements in 2023 are adopted. All styles are patterned and graded according to the body size using AI CAD PS software. To create your personalized design, we can customize your logo, layout & dimensions, and also design and customize according to your requirements.

Once you choose us, please send us your requirements. If you have sample clothes, you can also send them to us. We can help you find fabrics and designs and make the samples you want.
We will contact you as soon as we receive the sample, and make the sample after communicating the details.

We can customize any fabric, any size, any version.
You can provide your own design or choose our existing version for modification.

Sample delivery date
It takes 1-2 weeks to choose from our stock fabrics.
It takes 2-3 weeks to choose from imported fabrics.

Following are some of our ready to go designs: