Three principles for selecting sports bras

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Update time : 2022-09-21 17:05:12
Many people are confused when choosing sports bras. They don't know what kind of sports bra is suitable for them. Today, let Jiejin, a professional sports bra customization and wholesale manufacturer in Dongguan, share the three principles of sports bras selection.

The first principle is: choose according to the intensity and type of exercise.
For sports with low intensity, for example, simple fixed bra can be used. Simple fixation bra is a kind of elastic mesh bra, which belongs to pressure fixation. The structure is generally simple, because the requirements for fixation and other aspects are relatively low. It is better to choose products with high cotton content to avoid compression on the chest.
Medium strength sports underwear mainly relies on elastic fabric to form a certain pressure on the breast to achieve a fixed effect. Compared with low strength sports underwear, it has more strict requirements on cutting, and requires full consideration of breast shape, structure, shoulder and back force and other factors.

The second principle is: the larger the cup size, the greater the support strength required.
For AB Cup, most sports bras can provide adequate protection for you in various types of sports. For C+girls, products with better support and protection are needed. For example, in low and medium intensity sports, girls with A/B cups should wear medium support, while those with C/D cups and above should wear high support.

The third principle: clothes should not be too tight and oppressive.
The pressure is generated by the elasticity and style design of the clothing fabric, and the breast is securely and firmly fixed, so that there will not be too much displacement during the movement. The pressure brought by the tight bra is not good for the thymus, which may lead to breast hyperplasia and other breast diseases.
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