Sea Wave Printed Parent-child Yoga Suit Set

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Update time : 2022-09-07 11:21:03
Parent child yoga is a popular parent-child activity now. It can not only strengthen the flexibility of the baby's body, improve the blood circulation of the baby, promote the brain development of the baby, and let the baby grow healthily and happily; At the same time, they can also make skin contact and eye contact with their mother during exercise to cultivate a good parent-child relationship.

Today, I'd like to introduce the new sea wave printed parent-child Yoga suit set of Jiejin. It's a very soft and skin friendly Yoga suit. It's light, breathable, moisture absorbing and sweat wicking. The unique wave print, coupled with its own cool fabric, seems to be in the sea and wrapped by the waves. At the same time, the soft and high elastic fabric has a very good wrapping property, which can play a certain auxiliary role in stretching and balancing, and is both comfortable and functional. It can not only be worn for yoga, but also for other parent-child sports.

In fact, little babies can be exposed to parent-child yoga as early as 3 months, but most of the activities in infancy are completed by mothers, such as touching and massage, which can be regarded as baby yoga in parent-child yoga. By the age of 1-4, children can learn their mother's movements or have some interaction, which can be called infant yoga; Slowly, children over 5 years old can practice children's Yoga independently. Therefore, it is important to prepare a suitable set of kids yoga wear.
Choosing a suitable parent-child yoga suit set will increase the sense of ritual of sports. Children's healthy lifestyle needs to be taught by words and deeds. In addition to men's and women's clothing customization, Dongguan Jiejin also undertakes customized processing of children's clothing (0-12 years old), mainly divided into sports series, leisure series and swimwear series. Welcome to call and Email to customize!