Welcome to customize 2022 homewear series

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Update time : 2021-12-16 16:36:47
Homewear evolved from pajamas, and now it has expanded the wearing range, not limited to bedrooms. Homewear include traditional pajamas, sexy suspender skirts, T-Shirts, sports pants, leisure suits, etc., representing the pursuit of a warm, fashionable, relaxed and comfortable high-quality home life.

Nowadays, because of the COVID-19, people spend more and more time at home. At this time, comfortable, practical and fashionable homewear are very popular. Activewear manufacturer Jiejin has begun to customize the 2022 homewear series for our customers. Health, comfort, simplicity, warmth and fashion are the main lines of our home clothes design. A set of comfortable and beautiful homewear allows you to sleep and wear them. In the morning, you can wear them directly to the kitchen to cook food, to the living room to read newspapers, to do sports, and even receive friends or go out.

For the design of homewear, there are mainly the following key points:

1. Material
Homewear are different from our usual clothes, and the comfort is higher than other clothes. Therefore, ensure that the fabrics are environmentally friendly and the skin feels soft, give our skin an unrestrained sense of freedom and alleviate the fatigue of the day. At the same time, natural processes should be adopted in the processing process, and dyes with low environmental influence should be used to make home clothes healthier.

2. Version
In order to better integrate homewear and daily clothes, we usually use large-size simple version, which is more inclusive. At the same time, we have designed a variety of styles: cute, queen, casual, sexy, etc., so that homewear can also be very fashionable.

3. Function
So that the homewear can be practical on a variety of occasions, we will add details such as pockets, zippers and belts to enhance practicability. At the same time, print patterns are added in combination with fashion trends to make home clothes more fashionable.


Nowadays, people's work pressure is increasing. When you get home, changing into a set of clean, tidy, comfortable and fashionable home clothes can alleviate the fatigue of the day and let you better enjoy life. Sportswear manufacturer Jiejin professionally customize homewear, yoga wear, swimwear and sportswear. Welcome to customize with drawings and samples.