Process of wholesale yoga leggings in Dongguan Jie Jin

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Update time : 2021-10-19 16:04:32
If you need to wholesale yoga leggings, Dongguan Jie Jin is a good choice. It have more than 12 years of experience in garment customization, and be able to provide high-quality service before and after placing an order and after delivery. Let's take a look at the process of wholesale yoga leggings in Dongguan Jie Jin:

1. Before placing an order
Generally, before placing an order, customers always have many questions, such as fabric, process, samples, accessories, etc. Therefore, we have experienced designers to provide you with one-to-one service. If you have ready-made design, our designers will recommend suitable fabrics and other specific details according to your design; If you don't have a ready-made design, we can also customize the processing according to your needs. At the same time, we also have a lot of ready-to-go designs. If you like, you can add your logo on it. In short, our designers will patiently communicate all the details with you.

2. After placing an order
When the designer confirms all the details, we will start proofing according to the fabric and size provided by the customer. So you need to provide accurate dimensions. We will provide samples for customers' confirmation within 8-15 days after confirming the fabric, size, accessories and processing technology. After the customer receives the sample, if there is any need to modify, we will make secondary modification until the customer confirms and starts mass production. In terms of quality inspection and control, we have six inspections to ensure quality: cloth inspection, washing inspection, sampling inspection, initial inspection, re inspection and re sampling inspection. Finally, we pack according to the customer's requirements and deliver the goods after passing the inspection.

3. After delivery
After delivery, if there is any quality problem, we can provide return and exchange service. In case of other force majeure, we will timely communicate with customers and solve problems to minimize losses and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with customers.

The above is the customization process of wholesale yoga leggings in Jie Jin. If you need to customize yoga wear or other sports casual clothes, you are welcome to customize them with drawings and samples.