Sportswear manufacturer Jie Jin September employees' birthday party was a complete success

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Update time : 2021-09-28 10:25:22
On September 27, in order to thank employees for their hard work and efforts, enrich their spiritual culture and life, and let employees feel the warmth of the big family, sportswear manufacturer Jiejin held a colorful birthday party for employees whose birthday was in September in the canteen.

The company has prepared birthday cakes, delicious fruits and snacks for everyone, as well as a birthday gift for everyone. Everyone sat around the table, making wishes, blowing candles and the party ended successfully in a scene of laughter.


Every month, sportswear manufacturer Jiejin will hold birthday parties and other activities for employees whose birthdays are that month, aiming to provide employees with a warm and loving working environment. In the future, we will work together to create a better future and provide better services for our customers!