Sportswear Factory Common Sports Fabrics and Matching

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Update time : 2023-02-23 16:40:57
People often say that fabric is the soul of a garment, so do you consider the fabric composition when making or selecting sportswear? Today, sportswear factory Jiejin will share the knowledge of common sports fabrics and composition matching. 

1、 Common Sports Fabrics
1) Cotton: It has good water absorption but is not easy to dry and easy to deform.
2) Polyester: belongs to polyester fiber, with high strength and elastic recovery ability, firm and durable, wrinkle resistant and iron-free, but easy to static electricity and pilling.
3) Nylon: also known as nylon fiber fabric, known for its excellent wear resistance, is the main fabric component of many sports tights, with light texture, high elasticity, strength and wear resistance.
4) Spandex: also known as elastic fiber, it has very high elasticity, can stretch 5-8 times, and is not easy to aging and deformation. However, spandex cannot be used as fabric cloth alone, and is usually blended with nylon or polyester. Generally, the higher the content of spandex, the less easily the fabric will deform and the more wrapped it will feel. A higher proportion of elastic fiber can give the fabric better wear resistance and elasticity, comfortable and breathable, moisture absorption and sweat elimination.

2、 Matching of Sports Fabric Components
As a professional sportswear factory, Jiejin will share with you the main daily sports fabric composition matching.
a.10% spandex+90% nylon
This fabric is common in the production of lightweight sports shorts, blouses, casual pants and coats
Advantages: soft and light; Disadvantages: insufficient drying speed and general elasticity

b.20% spandex+80% nylon
This combination is a cost-effective fabric combination, which can meet the requirements of many low-intensity sports scenes for shape, elasticity and softness.
Advantages: skin friendly, can meet the needs of most users; Disadvantages: insufficient drying speed, general elasticity and strength

c.25% spandex+75% nylon
This fabric is common in most high-end sports underwear and tights, and can provide functionality and comfort in sports at the same time.

3、 Many people will have the question: Why are the components the same but the fabric feel very different?
In fact, the fabric composition can only determine the characteristics of the fabric, but the wearing feeling will also be affected by the thickness of the product, technology, yarn quality, etc. For example, spandex mainly consists of single 6 and double 6 yarns. The cross section of double 6 yarns enhances the moisture absorption and sweat-wicking function, is more soft and fluffy, and has a softer color.

The above is the common fabric and matching knowledge summarized by the sportswear factory Jiejin. Jiejin is a professional sportswear manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. It has focused on high-end sportswear for 15 years, mainly producing yoga wear, sports bras, swimming suits, men's fitness clothes, children's clothing, sports protectors, accessories and other sports apparel products. Now it provides high-quality services for many well-known brands at home and abroad. The company has a complete supply and production system, a strong research and development team, modern production equipment, and a complete and scientific management system. We sincerely invite customers to come to our company to discuss cooperation, visit and investigate, and create a win-win situation!