New Style Yoga Set of Jiejin

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Update time : 2022-12-16 11:01:11
Yoga wear is essential for yoga practice. In fact, professional equipment is very important for yoga, fitness, running and other sports. For example, yoga clothes, fitness clothes, running shoes, etc. have certain functionality, which can not only make your exercise more comfortable, but also play a protective role to a certain extent. Here are some new style yoga set of Jiejin recommended for you.

1. Gradual color yoga set
This is a gradient seamless yoga sets. The orange gradient gives you a fresh and energetic feeling. There are shorts suit and leggings suit. High waist shaping, moisture wicking, It is slim and hip lifting, fashionable and comfortable, which is suitable for yoga training of various intensities. 

2. New rib seamless yoga set
This yoga set is made of rib fabric, also have shorts and leggings set to meet your needs in different seasons. The seamless process gently fits the legs, making the body fit, stretch and comfortable, allowing the body to move freely and relax.

3. Seamless quick drying long sleeve yoga set
This is the best autumn and winter yoga fitness suit in Europe and the United States. It is soft, skin friendly and breathable fabric which is elastic and slim. It's simple and generous design. It can be worn for yoga, running and training.

4. High strength beauty back bra nude feeling yoga leggings set
At present, this yoga suit is available in gray, blue, green, purple and other colors. At the same time, other colors and styles can also be customized as required. The design of beauty back bra and the elastic nude fabric are suitable for high-intensity yoga exercises. They can absorb moisture and sweat, and have a good shaping effect.

As a professional cross-border sports yoga fitness apparel manufacturer, our main products include yoga wear, sports bras, swimwear, men's fitness clothes, children's clothing, etc. Our monthly output can reach 1 million pieces, and we also support small batch customization, a variety of sewing processes to meet the production needs of various products. So, if you need, please call and write to customize, and we will be dedicated to serving you!