Yoga Leggings Manufacturer New Collection

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Update time : 2022-12-08 14:30:14
Yoga wear are the power source of yoga lovers. Most women believe that wearing yoga clothes can stimulate positive emotions and intuitively feel the changes in body shape, thus strengthening the reward mechanism for fitness. The previous yoga pants only need to meet the function of sports. With the change of the times and the formation of the trend of sports wear, the requirements for the professionalism and sense of design of yoga pants have also been improved, and they began to pursue personalized equipment that is both professional and aesthetic.

Are you looking for a suitable yoga leggings manufacturer? Dongguan Jiejin is a nice choice, a cross-border sportswear manufacturer with 15 years of production experience. Following are new collections of Jiejin yoga leggings. Let's have a look!
1. Cocktail Green Yoga Leggings
· Color>Cocktail green in SS 2024 is full of vitality, bright and fresh, giving people a sense of hope for healing, and helping to inject vitality and energy into the body and mind.
· Fabric>white bottom cloth sublimation, nude feel fabric, comfortable fit, good shaping effect;
· Details>High waist shaping design;
· Pattern>Use the cocktail green and earth gray tones from the food to create a fuzzy halo and passionate flower pattern, with its own pleasant tone.

2. Digital Printing Yoga Leggings
· Color>white+blue
· Fabric>white bottom cloth sublimation, nude fabric, comfortable fit, good shaping effect;
· Details>High waist shaping design; Hidden side pockets
· Pattern>creates a fuzzy halo dye and tie dye stripe pattern, which is simple and fashionable.


3.Printed Yoga Leggings
· Color>Glacier Blue
· Fabric>white bottom cloth sublimation, nude fabric, comfortable fit, good shaping effect;
· Details>High waist shaping design; Hidden side pockets
· Pattern>The deep blue color of glacier in nature is used to create a plant print pattern, giving a clean and pure feeling



4. Brushed Yoga Leggings
· Color>The gray purple tone between phantom gray and light orchid, and the psychedelic visual effect of smoke and dust is very design sensitive;
· Fabric>Brushed nano technology new product, good touch;
· Details>The waist fits and shapes well.
5. Tie Dye Leggings
· Color>pink is mottled and ambiguous. The smoke that fades in or out is immersed in clean white, like mottled texture. The irregular shape is also reflected in the pattern, as if it emerged from the sponge stains thrown on the wall.
· Fabric>(Cloud sensing nylon digital printing) Tie dyed mottles are like floating clouds in the sky. They float freely and freely. The dense micro fretting touch makes the cloud sense hit the soul directly; Grade 3.6 color fastness+moisture absorption and perspiration
· Details>High waist, side pockets, convenient for placing mobile phones and other accessories

As a professional cross-border yoga leggings manufacturer, Jiejin is committed to providing global users with healthy, comfortable and fashionable sports experience. The company is a professional sportswear enterprise integrating design, production and sales, focusing on high-end sportswear for 15 years, mainly producing yoga wear, sports bras, swimwear, men's fitness clothes, children's wear, sports protective equipment, accessories and other full range of sportswear products, and have provided high-quality services for many well-known brands at home and abroad. Welcome calls and letters to customize!