Jiejin Business Team "Happy Work, Happy Life" Theme Farm Cooking Activity

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Update time : 2022-11-02 16:07:26
On October 30, 2022, Activewear manufacturer Jiejin business team held an outdoor theme group building activity of "happy work, happy life", which is located in Weikang Ecological Park in Qingxi Town, an ecological park integrating science popularization, planting, breeding and leisure picking. Everyone can take their family members to participate. The purpose of this activity is to let everyone feel the warmth of home in the team and enhance the team cooperation ability, empower the organization and make the team more outstanding.

This activity is divided into four groups. Each group selects a table leader to be responsible for the group's food procurement and dining. At 9.30 in the morning, we gathered at the destination.  After a short rest, we began to compete in cooking skills in groups. We all had a tacit division of work and cooperation. Some washed vegetables, lit fires, and others set up tables and chairs, cut vegetables and cooking. It was very lively. 

Everyone showed their good dishes one after another. The laughter accompanied by the smoke curling from the kitchen. The picture was harmonious and beautiful. Soon the table was full of delicious dishes, including beer duck, braised pork chops, fried oysters, beef, vegetables, boiled shrimp, cucumber, fried potato shreds, etc.,. When the dishes are served, everyone can't wait to surround the table and begin to enjoy the delicious food. The self-made food is extremely delicious. Although the cooking process is hard, everyone is in a very happy mood.

After lunch, we had a free and leisure activity, picking fruits and vegetables, harvesting rice, cutting sugar cane, flying kites and so on. As we travel through busy cities every day, we can occasionally get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, come to this quiet and simple ecological park with friends and family, and experience the rural customs, so that our body and mind can be greatly relaxed. Sincere exchanges and cooperation not only enhanced feelings, but also enhanced the sense of participation and responsibility for the team. What an amazing event, we felt the warmth of the Jiejin family, the biggest thanks to all the kindest and most wonderful participants. Look forward to the next wonderful activity of activewear manufacturer Jiejin!