2022 Dongguan Jiejin Business Team Huizhou Nankunshan Trip

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Update time : 2022-08-09 09:39:06
Recently, Dongguan Jiejin business team went to Nankunshan, Huizhou to hold a group building activity. With the solidarity and mutual assistance of everyone, the group building activity was a complete success.

In line with the principle that group building is to let everyone relax, the main activities of this trip are eating, drinking and playing. The specific contents are as follows: rafting, hot springs, off-road vehicles, and then play barbecue, board games in the luxury villa. Although it raining hard when we started in the morning, with the mutual cooperation and unity of everyone, we successfully purchased good food and set out, and carried songs and dances all the way, fearing no wind and rain, Once again, it has witnessed the ability of the Jiejin business team to deal with problems, and at the same time, it has trained everyone to cooperate with each other for the common goal and complete tasks better and faster. This is also true for our customers. No matter what problems they encounter, we will try our best to deal with them quickly. Let's see our banner of this trip and leave the traces of our visit~

After arriving at the destination, everyone began to actively prepare and clean the food materials. There was no need for deliberate division of labor. Everyone actively participated and enjoyed it! With hard work and sweat, the table was full of delicious food. Then there are free activities. We can soak in hot springs, or go to the water park to enjoy ourselves.

This activity has enhanced mutual understanding among employees, narrowed the relationship between us, and made individuals form a closer whole. We learn from each other, help each other, and work hard with a group of like-minded people to move towards the same goal. Let us always be positive, and always look forward!