Dongguan activewear manufacturer answers the reasons for clothing decolorization

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Update time : 2021-09-22 14:55:33
Last time, Dongguan activewear manufacturer Jiejin shared several methods to test the color fastness of fabrics. Today, Jiejin will answer the reasons for clothing decolorization. Sometimes, the decolorization of clothing is not that the color fastness of fabrics is not up to standard. It may be caused by improper cleaning, drying or other use methods. Let's have a look at the specific contents.

Firstly, there are differences in different textile fabrics. For example, the color fastness of synthetic fiber fabric is obviously better than that of natural fiber and man-made fiber fabric. Therefore, it should be treated differently in the process of wearing and using. At the same time, the scale to determine whether clothing fading is a quality problem is also different.

Secondly, dye quality / equipment / process differences. In the dyeing process of garment fabrics, due to the poor quality of dyes or the non-compliance of dyeing technology and equipment with the standard requirements, the color fastness of garment fabrics can not meet the national standard.


Thirdly, there is also the improper selection of detergent. Improper use of detergent causes color fading of clothing fabrics. For example: silk and all kinds of wool products must not use strong alkaline detergent. Once used, most clothing fabrics will fade to varying degrees. Therefore, Dongguan activewear manufacturer Jiejin reminds everyone to choose different detergents according to different fabrics.

Finally, it may be improper washing, drying and ironing methods. Due to improper washing, drying and ironing methods, clothing color fastness problems will also occur. For example, if the clothes are soaked in the washing solution for too long, the water temperature is too high, the clothes are directly exposed to the sun when drying, and the temperature when ironing exceeds the temperature that the fabric can bear, it will have a certain impact on the color of the clothes, resulting in different degrees of color fastness problems.

The above are the reasons for several clothing decolorization summarized by activewear manufacturer Jiejin. Therefore, we must pay attention to the precautions and cleaning methods on the clothing washing mark. If you need to customize yoga wear, swimwear and other sportswear, you can send your drawings and samples to us, we will be happy to serve you!